RDA 900 South Remediation

Wasatch Environmental Remediates Contaminated Soil and Groundwater for City RDA

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a former gas station at 208 West 900 South was acquired by the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) of Salt Lake City. This site had four underground storage tanks (USTs), which consisted of one 12,000‐gallon and two 7,500‐gallon unleaded gasoline USTs and one used oil UST.

After the removal of the USTs and several subsurface investigations conducted between 1999 and 2006, remediation was conducted by a consulting firm that included excavation and off‐site disposal of contaminated soil and on‐site treatment and disposal of contaminated groundwater. Regulatory closure was granted, allowing residual impacts to remain in place due to the uses of the property. However, when this area became of interest for city redevelopment in 2015, Wasatch Environmental was secured for subsurface investigation work after the RDA's acquisition of the property.

Because Wasatch identified a substantial area of contaminated soil remaining at the site, Wasatch worked in concert with the Utah Division of Environmental Response & Remediation (DERR) and the RDA to reopen the release and gain access to the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund. Wasatch Environmental then performed additional remediation of:


  • excavation (to a depth of twenty feet, twelve feet below the water table),
  • off-site disposal of 2,346 tons of impacted soil, and
  • on-site treatment and disposal of 21,000 gallons of contaminated groundwater.


Following the successful 2016 remediation effort, Wasatch anticipates that the site will receive regulatory closure in 2017, in time for the planned redevelopment to begin on schedule.

RDA 900 South Remediation
RDA 900 South Remediation