SR‐248 Improvement

Wasatch Environmental Conducts Investigation That Facilitates Corridor Improvement

In partnership with Park City (Utah) Municipal Corporation and the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Wasatch Environmental performed an environmental study at a site under review for corridor and intersection improvements.

The Richardson Flat Road and SR‐248 Intersection is known to be impacted from historic mining activities, so Wasatch Environmental conducted an investigation that evaluated soil conditions. Soil was sampled for lead and arsenic in areas of:


  • proposed roadway widening,
  • where a culvert for the Pace Home Ditch would be removed/replaced, and
  • existing and proposed storm water ponds.


Wasatch coordinated all field activities with UDOT personnel, the Park City Municipal Corporation, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This successful project improved the intersection and widened SR‐248 to five lanes from the Richardson Flat Road intersection to Round Valley Drive, as well as created dedicated bike lanes, helping motorists, cyclists, and wildlife move through the area more efficiently and safely.

SR‐248 Improvement
SR‐248 Improvement