Maximizing Cost Savings with Turn-key Consulting

Maximizing Cost Savings with Turn-key Consulting for Big Box Redevelopment

Wasatch Environmental coordinated regulatory involvement and provided turn-key consulting services from pre-acquisition due diligence through remedial action implementation during redevelopment of a proposed big box site. Wasatch conducted an All Appropriate Inquiries/Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for a planned Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse redevelopment that included a full city block in Salt Lake City, Utah.

To meet acquisition timeline requirements, Wasatch also conducted a focused subsurface investigation in conjunction with the Phase I ESA. Several environmental concerns were identified in the project area that had been developed for various commercial and industrial uses beginning in 1947:


  • Lead in near-surface soils associated with a former steel fabrication facility
  • Petroleum impacts from storm drain collection percolation pits
  • A former gasoline station
  • Several underground hydraulic hoists
  • Shop floor drains
  • Multiple oil/water separators
  • Multiple underground storage tanks (USTs) that had previously been closed in place


Wasatch Environmental prepared remediation cost estimates for cleanup activities in nine general areas that were to be addressed in conjunction with demolition and redevelopment activities. Wasatch also conducted pre-demolition inspections for 11 buildings, removed all universal wastes prior to demolition, and coordinated asbestos abatement activities.

To maximize cost savings, Wasatch conducted cleanup activities in conjunction with the general contractor demolition schedule. With an established chain of communication with the client and general contractor, Wasatch provided rapid-response cleanup activities to address hidden source areas that were encountered during demolition.

During demolition activities, Wasatch provided the following:


  • Worker monitoring program when demolition personnel were working within the former steel fabrication property
  • Removal of three closed-in-place tanks and associated petroleum-impacted soil
  • Removal of and soil sampling below concrete wash pad, trench floor drains, and multiple oil/water separators
  • Removal of storm water collection pits and associated impacted soil
  • Removal of an orphan waste oil UST and associated chlorinated solvent-impacted soil and groundwater


As a result of our involvement, Wasatch obtained No Further Action status from the Utah Division of Environmental Response and Remediation (for petroleum USTs), Division of Water Quality (buried hoists, oil/water separators, and wastewater injection pits), and the former Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste (solvent impacts from waste oil UST). The redevelopment continued on schedule as planned.

Multi-Agency Investigation and Remediation
Multi-Agency Investigation and Remediation