2016 Redevelopment of Hostess/Wonder Bread Property

Wasatch Environmental Provides Support for 2016 Redevelopment of Hostess/Wonder Bread Property

Wasatch Environmental was selected by the Boyer Company and Cowboy Partners to provide environmental support for the former Hostess/Wonder Bread property redevelopment project. The bakery was first constructed in 1908, and the century-old original horse stables were still part of the building. Over the years the operation expanded, and eventually the building extended an entire city block, from 400 South to 500 South in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As operations expanded, so did maintenance needs. The building was serviced by a series of underground storage tanks that provided heating oil for the boilers, fuel for the delivery trucks, and storage for used oil and cleaning products. As the building grew, maintenance areas were relocated, leaving behind a series of hoists, drains, oil/water separators, and sumps. An added complication was the presence of an industrial dry cleaner that formerly operated on the east-adjoining property from the 1930s through the 1960s.

The objective of the Wasatch's participation with this redevelopment project was to evaluate the environmental conditions at the site sufficient for residential redevelopment and to achieve regulatory closure. Wasatch Environmental provided support for the Boyer/Cowboy team through:


  • Pre-acquisition due diligence research
  • A series of subsurface investigations that evaluated soil, groundwater, and vapor
  • Regulatory interface to initiate a corrective action plan to be implemented in conjunction with demolition activities
  • Pre-demolition asbestos and universal waste inspections
  • Work plans and cost estimates for characterization sampling beneath suspect features encountered during demolition
  • Removal of known and unknown underground storage tanks, sumps, floor drains, oil/water separators, abandoned heating oil product lines, and dry wells
  • Regulatory closure related to all environmental issues


Through all of these support services, Wasatch Environmental worked closely with the client and demolition contractors to ensure that the environmental component of the project was carried out smoothly with minimal interruptions in the redevelopment schedule.

2016 Redevelopment of Hostess/Wonder Bread Property